How To Prepare For NNPC Recruitment Exam – The Ultimate Guide

In this article, I will be giving you a guide on how to prepare for the nnpc recruitment exam successfully. The Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation(NNPC) has sent you a date and time for the NNPC cbt aptitude test. Still, you are worried or somehow scared on how to tackle their questions after applying for the nnpc recruitment exam.

How To Pass NNPC Recruitment Exam
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You are at the right place to see how to answer the nnpc questions, continue reading to see the ultimate guide on how to apply for the nnpc recruitment test.
This article will on the question nnpc candidates have been asking us about the nnpc aptitude test, so this guide will answer the questions, see the questions below:

  • How to prepare for the nnpc recruitment exam
  • How to answer nnpc recruitment exam
  • What types of questions does nnpc set
  • How many questions does nnpc set
  • What is the duration for the nnpc aptitude test
  • ­Where can i get the nnpc past questions
  • What is next after the nnpc aptitude test

Now, you have seen what this article will cover, continue reading to see the full gist about how to prepare for the nnpc recruitment exam. Before moving on, i will be giving you the types of nnpc aptitude test questions nnpc set for their candidates.

Types Of NNPC Aptitude Test Questions

The Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation(NNPC) Examiners set questions from the following

The NNPC Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Test

This is about answering comprehension questions, reading through a passage, and at the end of the comprehension passage, a set of questions will be given concerning what is in the passage. In answering the nnpc verbal reasoning aptitude test questions, you must be able to think fast and have the right way of answering questions asked. In this section, there are also questions concerning true, false or maybe questions which we are all familiar with; it is just like answering a question asked like for instance

Is English language a general language in Nigeria.True/False; If it is true you underline true or vice versa

NNPC Quantitative Reasoning Aptitude Test

This type of aptitude test deals with mathematics, and it involves numeracy, and candidates must be able to calculate fast because of the time given. The questions here are mathematics ability to use the brain to solve, which requires critical thinking. NNPC examiners set these types of questions to see the way candidates think.

The NNPC Abstract or Spatial Reasoning Aptitude Test

As we all know that NNPC Examiners are setting questions that require candidates to think, The abstract or we call it spatial reasoning aptitude test involves the ability for candidates to be able to identify the odd things out of the questions given. Candidates must reason logically to get it. A diagram will be provided. It may be in shapes, colors, or even numbers, so all you have to do as a candidate is to identify the odd one out.

Then we move to the last one which is

The General Knowledge or Current Affairs Aptitude Test

Current Affairs is set in the NNPC Aptitude Test for the candidates. Still, the types of questions set involve everything about the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation, so the candidates must know the background or history of NNPC as an organization. This type of query makes the NNPC Examiners understand whether the candidate is interested in working the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation(NNPC) and the specific area the candidate will fit in.

How Many Questions Does NNPC Set

The number of questions nnpc examiners set is 120. The aptitude test is in four sections which are the

  • Verbal Reasoning questions
  • Quantitative Reasoning questions
  • Abstract or Spatial Reasoning questions
  • General Knowledge or Current Affairs questions.

What Is The Duration For The NNPC Aptitude Test

Usually, the duration for the aptitude test is always 120 minutes, all you have to do is to get the exam hall early and when answering questions you need it to make it snappy. Now let us move to the guide on how to prepare for the nnpc recruitment aptitude test

How To Prepare For The NNPC Recruitment Exam

In this section, I will give the ultimate guide on how to make well the nnpc exam and pass it, continue reading to see the full list below

How To Pass NNPC Recruitment Exam

#1. Be familiarized with the aptitude test format
Before going for the nnpc aptitude test, you need to know what the nnpc aptitude test is all about, the type of questions been set, the duration for the aptitude test and how the questions are been answered. Know all these can lead to success in the nnpc recruitment exam. All you need to know about the nnpc recruitment exam are listed above. so take your time to go through it and also digest it.

#2. Put down a planned strategy on a paper
Get a paper and list down the way you will answer the questions. Study the past queries and find a more natural way for you to answer the questions correctly so as not to take your time when writing the nnpc aptitude test. This is all about knowing the method or approach the nnpc recruitment test questions can be answered without wasting time.

#3. Plan out a study timetable for yourself
This is an essential aspect for the candidates because this will help the candidates to know when to study past questions. Create a study timetable to know when to study and practice the nnpc previous questions.

#4. Get The NNPC Aptitude Test Past Question
This is important, without this a candidate can’t perform well for the nnpc aptitude test, so this critical for the candidates to get the nnpc recruitment test past questions. You can get the soft copy past issues online and download it on your phone or PC and study. for an excellent result.

#5. Practice with a PC(computer)
You need to practice with a computer to get used to it because the nnpc recruitment test is a CBT aptitude test, Practice with online nnpc cbt aptitude test software, download it and practice.

As we all know that practice makes perfect

continue practicing, get past questions in a pdf file too for the quantitative, verbal reasoning aptitude test and the general knowledge to see some questions that may be repeated.

#6. Practice past questions regularly
Always follow your timetable, study the previous questions systematically to be familiar with the questions because some questions may be repeated, you can answer a question you have come across before with a second, that is the power of past questions. So get it and study it.

#7. Study some English textbooks
Get English text and consider it for more familiarization with comprehension, synonyms, antonyms, etc because some questions will be asked from those topics in the verbal reasoning aptitude test. List some words from the past questions and find their meaning or opposite in meaning and study their synonyms and antonyms very well.

#8. Study the basic arithmetic
The nnpc quantitative reasoning aptitude test requires critical thinking, study those short formulas, know how to solve word problems, look for a way to tackle those questions faster in your approach, and make sure you also study the quantitative Reasoning past questions.

#9. Be Versatile with General Knowledge
I meant versatile in the sense that you have some answers to some general knowledge questions when asked. Those questions can come from history, sports, politics, ICT, etc. These questions might be unexpected but you just have to go online and gather some general knowledge questions and make sure you study the nnpc general knowledge aptitude test past questions because questions might be asked from it.

#10. Eat before studying and pray to God
You can’t understand anything with an empty stomach, make sure you eat something before reading, treating past questions and always make sure you are comfortable when studying and stay away from things that can quickly get you distracted. And don’t forget to pray to God because without him, you won’t have been called for the nnpc recruitment test. These are the ultimate guides on how to prepare for the nnpc recruitment exam, if you can do what is listed above, you will pass the nnpc aptitude test and would be chosen for the nnpc job you applied for.

Let us continue reading to see the necessary things to bring for the nppc aptitude test center.

List of what to do in the NNPC Recruitment Exam Hall

  • The NNPC recruitment exam is a CBT exam that is not written, so you are not required to take anything along, or else you are asked to
  • Before doing anything, listen to instructions or ask questions if something is bothering you concerning the nnpc aptitude test.
  • Don’t forget to read instructions before answering any question, make you go through the instructions twice for understanding
  • Read and understand those questions before answering them, don’t assume you know a particular question and do it anyhow, take your time to understand
  • Always be fast because of time but don’t rush your work
  • Don’t waste more than 5 minutes on a question, if you don’t know it, move on to the next one and come back for that particular question.
  • Some questions are set to confuse the candidates. These questions are trickish, and you don’t waste go and come back to it and take your time to understand it.
  • You are free to guess, but i will advise you not to guess all answers, maybe time is not on your side anymore, this is when to guess for a question.

The NNPC Recruitment Exam questions are a bit tough, but with the guide here, you will pass it with flying colors then get your dream job. Don’t forget to share with others with the share buttons below. Do you have questions concerning this article, you can make use of the comment box below.

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