Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2020: See The Application News Here

The Navy Recruitment is a Recruitment program that occur every year, The Navy Recruitment 2020 is here for those of you willing to join the Nigerian Navy Recruitment On their portal

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This article is important to those applicants that will be applying for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2020, so all you have to do is continue reading to see how to apply Successfully with the requirements and when it is starting and the closing date below.

Note: Don’t pay anyone for the registration, the navy application form is online on the portal, continue reading to see their see official portal and how to apply on the portal.

When Is The Nigerian Navy Recruitment Starting

The Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2020 is starting 7th Of September, 2020 and closing 5th Of October, 2020. Continue reading to see how to apply below.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2020 Requirements

I will be listing the general requirements and the educational documents required for the Navy Registration online

Nigeria Navy recruitment
NN Recruitment News

General Navy Recruitment Requirements

  • Applicants must be single and should not have children when applying.
  • Interested Applicants must be a citizen of Nigeria by birth.
  • For those Applicants willing to apply with school certificate must be between age of 18-22 while those applying with higher qualifications such as NCE, Nurses, OND, drivers etc must be between 18-26 years.
  • Applicants must be free from previous crimes offences by a court of law.
  • Applicants with any of the following challenges are not to apply:
      • sight problem,
      • ear problem,
      • communicable diseases,
      • mental problems,
      • stammering, or any  physical disability.
  • You must not have tattoos on your body if you want to apply for the Navy Recruitment
  • Applicants must not be below the height of 1.69 meters for males and 1.650 meters for females.

Navy Recruitment Educational Documents Requirements

  • West African School Certificate/Senior Secondary School Certificate
  • General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE)
  • National Examination Council (NECO).
  • National Business and Technical Examinations (NABTEB).
  • WAEC City and Guilds or London City and Guild.
  • Ordinary National Diploma (OND).
  • Primary school leaving certificate at the selection interview.
  • All applicants must provide their National Identification Number (NIN).

Important Notice For The Nigerian Navy Recruitment

  • Applicants are to note that entry requirement into the following categories is SSCE or equivalent: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 C1, D1, D2, D4, D5, D6, E1, E2, E3, E4, F1, G, H. Any other additional qualifications in these categories can only serve as an added advantage for selection into the branch and shall not attract any extra advantage whatsoever. See the guide for details.
  • Applicants with other educational/professional qualifications higher than those stated in paragraph 1 (a-g) are not to apply. Applicants are warned that it is an offence to present false or forged documents for the Recruitment.
  • Certificates or qualifications not declared or tendered and accepted during the recruitment exercise are not acceptable after recruitment and cannot be tendered for the purpose of change of department or advancement while already in the Nigerian Navy. Only qualifications obtained under proper service provisions are acceptable while in the Nigerian Navy.
  • Applicants are required to print out Parent/Guardian consent Form and Local Government attestation Form which must be properly completed, endorsed and presented during the interview.
  • Applicants must come to the recruitment centres with the following documents.
      • Photocopies of Birth Certificate or Age Declaration and Photocopies of Credentials.
      • Duly completed Identification Form must be signed by Chairman or Secretary of the Applicant’s LGA or by an officer of the rank of Commander and above (or equivalent in the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Air Force) or Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) and above who hails from the Applicant’s State of Origin.
      • Duly completed Parent/Guardian Consent Form signed by Applicant’s Parent or Guardian.
      • Four passport photographs duly signed and stamped at the back
  • Candidates are to bring the scratch cards of their NECO and WAEC results to the recruitment centres.
  • Application Form is to be completed and submitted online.
  • Any applicant suspected or confirmed to have impersonated, falsified, forged or presented false document(s) shall be disqualified from the recruitment exercise and handed over to the appropriate law enforcement agency for prosecution.

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Nigerian Navy Recruitment Aptitude Test Date

The date for the Navy Recruitment Aptitude Test will be posted on the NN portal in due course. So leave a comment below to alert you  the date for the Navy Recruitment Aptitude Test

Nigeria Navy Recruitment
How To Apply For NAVY Recruitment

How To Apply For The Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2020

  • All Applicants are required to apply with the official portal here
  • The application is free
    Applicants are required to register before applying
  • After registration, fill in the necessary details and make sure you cross check again after completing the form so as to avoid mistakes
  • Then submit the application and download and print out a copy of your completed application form
  • The completed application form includes the following forms:
      • Applicant’s Declaration and Certification by Parent/Guardian Form.
      • Guarantor’s Form.
      • Certification Form.
      • Local Government Area Certification Form.

Nigeria Navy Past Questions And Answers PDF File Download

The full nigerian navy past questions is compiled for those who are really interested in working with the Nigerian Navy, Click the post below to download the Navy past questions

About The Nigerian Navy

According to Wikipedia, The Nigerian Navy is a branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is among the largest navies on the African continent, consisting of several thousand personnel, including those of the Coast Guard.

The Nigerian Navy owes its origin to the Nigerian Marine. Formed in 1914 after the amalgamation of the then Northern and Southern Nigeria, the Nigerian Marine, as it became known after 1914, was a quasi-military organization. This force expanded to become the Southern Nigerian Marine in 1893. A Northern Nigeria equivalent was formed in 1900. The two Marines were merged in 1914. Responsibilities included administration of the ports and harbours, dredging of channels, buoyage and lighting. It also operated ferry services, touring launches, and other small craft that plied the various creeks and other inland waterways.

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